learned things

riding a fix is awesome.

racing a fix will crush your soul.

I am done with Heed.

The Jabber still rocks, so comfy that
35+ no foot coasting is, uhmm....easy?

Ohio actually has miles and miles of ripping singletrack.

It takes me more than 1 week to acclimate
to 75+ temps with any humidity at all mixed in.

Aide station workers don't know shit about the
course. Don't ever believe a word they say.

I will break 9 hours, or it will break me.
Two more chances, and they will be done
with a Tour in my legs. Missing ingredient?

It's frustrating to rail for 3-4hours with
the crowd you know you can hang with.
To ride in contention, and watch it all fall
apart, time after time, is frustrating.

To know that your choices are
what limits you, equally so.

Insanity: Repeating the same thing and
expecting different results.

god damn windmills.

next hurdle:

Proprietary Image removed for secrecy,
cuz I'm a dick.


Fxdwhl said...

Breaking 9 is resume material. 35+ feet on the crown fireroad is ballsy too. now feet in the main triangle is way more comfy but bottles interfere. only did it on pave myself though.

the mutant 100 looks interesting...

Anonymous said...

When's the sketched event going down?

Tomi said...

that's for me to know,
you to find out.

Anonymous said...

be verwee verwee afwaid of the mutant