thru the fog

Obvious reasons to get out and clear my head. Trying to hide from certain demons and chasing others over the extended wknd. Riding was good, getting my head squared and recalibrated is better. Brainstormed a quick climb maximization route on Friday amidst the meltdown. From town to Pine to 233, up and over and immediately up Bendersville. Turn 180 at top, back down B'ville and immediately back up and over 233. 233 is tougher from the Furnace then from the valley side, in my humble 40:15 opinion, it's a flow thing. Follow that with a quick 15minute spin on Pine then the right hander for a quick up-n-down on King's Gap. Spin her home directly for a neat little 3+hr, not quite 50miler.

Fortuituous phone call exchange between Elk,


& I led to a spur of the moment jaunt to Thorpe on Saturday. Not quite out for 6 hours, Elk being the ultimate tour guide. We hooked up some sweet shit (the Dutch Eagle rocks!) and found multiple groovesGetting lost in the pedals was most excellent.

Southern Michaux Sunday was next on the platter. Mechanical issues pared us from 6 to 4 then back to 5, ultimately losing Buck to a tired brake. Lollipop styley route was blue blaze-Narrows-Buckets-Turtle-4 Logs-Karumba-blue blaze. Solid efforts chasing the singlespeed pain train, taking advantage of the big ring if possible and hangin' with granny aplenty. Did a reverse pushup on Buckets after a 1/4" miscalculation put me on the wrong side of the root. Loam was soft and damp up close, Jake laughed. Blue blaze beer run home was rippin big ring aggressiveness without a flat for me for the first time in a good long while. Rolled the ss ratio to finish, feeling solid and ready to take a crack at il Giro.

I dream of a tranquil pursuit of rosa.


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