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well, results are up from Sunday, looked 'em over.

shoulda coulda woulda
yadda yadda yadda.

kinda depressing to review, knowing where I was at & how I was feeling, on tap for a good finish, was ready to go deep to hold onto/really earn it. Pretty sure I coulda held on, crunch time bell had rung, the internal pep talk was happening, a couple cleansing breaths to get down to it, then the flat, blink of an eye. Figure the thorn, THAT THORN!!!!!!, arghhhh, had softened me up enough to precipitate the pinch, shoulda checked more thoroughly for a thorn first time around, AND the second, like maybe without my gloves on.....dumb ass. Tough way to relearn that lesson. Front tire is also flat as of sometime Tuesday, a twofer!

So, now I sit with probably still good to decent legs, what to do with them? Feeling burnt this week, nothing on the immediate horizon to motivate, so chillin' a week of recovery on the around town trails with the fixy, some short "let's get loose" spinning is all I'm motivated for. With the whirlwind of April, a step back seems like a good idea right now. Still fine tuning bars on the DBR, probably choppin' 'em down to 26" from 27", can feel the extra width binding me up between my shoulders and the angle of attack with my elbows is also kinda off with the big spread, not sure how that'll work for all day comfort.

Since I can't swing the original VA plan for numerous reasons, what to do, what to do?

Shot my mouth off Sunday apres' race about doing a Big Stupid Road Ride, throw the rear brake on and go fix myself on the local climbing routes, visit Perry County and put down an 80-100miler? Then follow up with something similar on Sunday?


Bang out some trailwork? The new Abby switchbacks got hammered by the horses and need more love.....


Fixy in Michaux all wknd? Big fatty from the house on Saturday, group thang on Sunday?


Maybe just a Saturday tune up out of Big Flat then sneak over to French Creek for the MASS race? Not 100% my scene, never been there and it is a single loop, short @ 18miles, but at least it's not laps and I'd be able to work out some remaining frustrations...... then that means picking a bike to race, Dos or Fixed?

Put up pics from Barry's Wedding on the Smug.

Put up pics from Travfest wknd also.

Also, sure most ya'll have seen this elsewhere by now,

Please Help Sam & Elk kick cancer's ass!

Help fight the good fight, donate to a damn good cause and maybe even win some blingy bike shwag!

Oh, and my Yeti ASR-sl is for back and for sale if'n ya know somebody....
$1300 gets you a med frame, the current team paint, brand new front triangle connected to a decent '05 carbon/alu rear end via a Fox RP3 with new seals and rings. I'd post a picture, but I'm lazy right now. Also have a set of front and rear Hayes hydro discs, make an offer....


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