Why is it that when I try to take an 'easy' week of 'recovery', I still end up with 13+ hours of saddle time? Fun 4+ on the mtn fixy yesterday, reawakened some dormant skillz that are obviously in need of major sharpening. Fun days ahead.

Hope the S_D_S crew had a good time. Feet were up, beer in hand chillin' w/ Huxster watchin il Giro while ya'll were climbing Dowell's in the probably dwindling light. Wish I could've swung it, next year......next year.

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IF Chicks said...

i got a ss fixed wheel and went out sat to "learn" on trails. Most trouble on rock drops (pedals banging on rocks, but not bad for 1st time and not knowing what the hell I was doing...it was fun at a "parade pace", but required a lot of paying attention esp with rigid fork.

After my 3.5 hrs advenure, i salute you, carp, buck, mac and all the other nutballs who race this way.