back to base----ick sssss.

Lazy start to the day, no rush at all.

Huxster enjoying the morning sun.

LeTort morning freshness.
Wheeeeee, fun day in the saddle. No real plan other than to "go for a bike ride, and find someplace I've never been." So, I headed south thru Michaux to Caledonia.

Played with shadows and that long white ribbon.Nice fresh water stop.Just a boring 'rail trail.' This Turbo and my rump have become quite intimate since the days of racing as a Hokie.

Eventually then found White Church Rd. Nice road with some rolling orchard action, kinda rude in spots after spinnnnnning downhill for a long time from Shipp Rd. Bounced around the base of the mtn, got eager and ended up on Thompson Hollow Rd.
Decided to not find out where it intersected Three Turn Rd and doubled back to the known. Hit Walnut Bottom at the 4hr mark for a sugary snack.

You are what you eat. Look out Dorothy.
Spun her home along Pine and Adams before backtracking along the LeTort to Scalle's for a big bottle of Stone Ruination IPA takeout. Yep, just another shitty day in PeeYaY!.

Nothing to see here, please move along.

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