Countdown to the first Grande Tour is underway. Trying to find somewhat fresh legs via a couple of light spins, must have spilled a bit out of the bucket last wknd. Exact details of il corsa rosa are sketchy, but here's a GoogleEarth screen shot of the overnight venues. I doubt that the route follows the 'as the crow flies' white lines.

Direction of travel is clockwise. Friday evening prologue, no frickin clue what's in store for Saturday, Sunday looks like it'll include the classic ridge of Whetstone. (Stolen pic from Martino.)Monday we'll be rollin' into Sherando, those switchbacks will be slum central I'm sure, good times, good times. Change of scenery will do me good. Hope my Giro goes better than what happened to these guys on the finish line in Italy today (Velonews pic).

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IF Chicks said...

have a great weekend at Giro..
game on !