thank you.

hey, thanks to everybody for the wishes and words and whatnot regarding the Huxster. It really means a lot. Gotta say, I was a total mess yesterday morn, we had one hell of a 12yr run and it's tough to see it end, tougher than I imagined. Now I'm down to just the odd bout of extreme sadness and mindlessly wandering around the house wondering where she is. Hmmm, she's not lying here next to me, must be on the bed, oh, that's right, she went out a little bit ago, I should make sure the door is open, oh wait, she's not out there either, sure she's not on the bed?.?>? ?.......round and round I go.

So, knowing that most of ya'll didn't know Huxley as a youngster, only meeting her during her exuberant 'teenage' years, wanted to share a few pics of the bestest damn dog in the world.

sweet little puppy nap time.jailhouse dog.
chewing machine

ready to playat the beach
scouting trail.
another groovey day in the woods

Huxley, I sure am gonna miss ya buddy, can't wait to see you when we share paths again.
Rest in peace dear friend.

Huxley Ann Miller, 4/01/95 - 5/17/07


IF Chicks said...

thanks for posting all the pictures..
it was great to see her as a cute little puppy. I always liked your hiking pictures with Huxley in the orange vest.

dicky said...

It's hard holding back the tears. My dogs provide me with so much positive I can't stand the thought of losing one of them.
I'm truly sorry for your loss.

camps said...

Very nice pics.
Hux, you were a cool girl!

Barry said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Hux. Looks like she lived a good life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. We just went through the same thing, so I know the pain. It happened much faster then I ever imagined, I cannot believe mine is gone.

I think I rode with your dog at SSWCUTU or whatever they called the unofficial words at State College.

Skippy said...

Lost mine a year ago and I teary-eyed when I think about her. Truly sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Huxley Ann.