read this interview.

This is an American cycling legend,
who you just don't hear that much about.
A quiet champion, much respect.


Glenn Eck said...

Hampsten mentions Steve Bauer in this article. Among other things, Bauer rode with Armstrong on Motorola during the early '90's. Merckx was making their bikes. Someone here at Temple University in Philly has one of Bauer's original Merckx bikes all done up in the team colors with his name in the top tube. Columbus steel, a thing of beauty. I see it chained up all around campus but I have yet to meet the owner. I have to wonder what races this bike has seen. It isn't this bike though, the Bauer "chopper" http://forums.roadbikereview.com/showthread.php?t=169576

Mark said...

Only american to win the giro, maybe the little bald dude will try and change it. I was hoping lance was givin it a shot, but not looking to good. The 65 km TT should mix it up. Live Coverage of the giro on -