locked & loaded.

done, stuffed to the gills.
things yet to remember, camera,
better batteries, glasses in case,
turned off cell phone.

gear list for the curious:
50^ bag, therma rest prolite something or other.
Mtn Hardwear bivy sack.
MSR pockrockt stove, small fuel canister in a
quart Ti pot. Ti sierra cup, lexan spork.
minimal first aid, toiletries, camp towel,
tp, handi wipes. multi tools, chain tool,
bits of chain, rack bolts, spokes, 19t Tomicog
backup plan. zip ties, duct tape around toothbrush.
Rain jacket, longsleeve zip tee, wool ss jersey,
knee warmers, baggies over bibs, camp shorts,
extra wool socks. extra gloves. water filter, pump.
100oz water+ 2 @ 25 on the bike. 2 tubes, patches,
co2 (should leave home). Eos headlamp, red blinky.
mini camp espresso maker w/ mini mug.

Food: (2) dehydrated spaceman meals,
4 packs of instant oatmeal, coffee, (3) packs
of pop tarts. ~ 2lb of trail mix (mixed fruit, M&M's,
salted cocktail peanuts), 20couple chocolate chip
cookies. Figure to hit East Waterford for lunch
Saturday, Lewistown in the evening,...then not
sure about Sunday options, it's God's Country
after all. try to save the spacmen shite for then.
bit of cash, journal for thoughts. two fire starter
sticks, compass & maps.

Plan/goal is to cover 180, 107 mapped, return leg
determined by pace & desire. Might reach beyond
Lewistown if making time vs slow exploration, but
that's off my map. Really hope to have the gumption
to finish with a bit of Tusc Trail love on Monday....want
to make good time to Reeds Gap, then soak in the

Departe' after an early dinner tomorrow,
catch ya on the flip side.


Fxdwhl said...

2010 GDR/TD?

Tomi said...

nahhh, can't swing the time...so maybe a CTC on skinnny tires or check out the CTR. Will get to see some Co Trail this summer...

Stubbie said...

no tunes???

Tomi said...

lol, yeah. Pod is charged, gear list was off the top off my head...

The Wiser Weiser said...

Be safe and have fun! :)