was gonna ride tonight, but three honest efforts in four days showed tender legs during the simple commute. with the wknd in mind, and a fuzzy complicated list of things to do in my head before the first overnighter, I'm here, working out the first step...where exactly to go?

came up with this:

the jist of it: leave friday after work, make it to ~25mile mark, camp along the creek. Ride a smidge known of trail, then boogy to Fowler's for water. If making time, hit the Hemlock route, otherwise cut out 9miles and head direct to East Waterford. Lunch at the pizza shop, stock up at the general store. Then Reeds Gap and explore the northern sector of the Tuscarrora, set the mix to climb road, descend trail, then outskirts of Lewistown @ mile 80ish, refuel, then onto the 333 and hopefully make it far enough to sleep along the VincentTram, mile 90-95ish. Check out Spectacle Gap, dig the name, then back to ReedsGap and cover miles 'til bedtime somewhere in the Tusc, prob near Fowler's. Slum home from there.

Goal is 180ish for the wknd, map ends at 107,
w/ ~45mile direct road route from that point if bailing.
Emergency exits to Mifflin or Port Royal, follow 74 home.

And now that that's the plan,
I can start my lists.

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