whew, fun wknd.
more later, pictures!
rough outline:
6:00-8:45 Friday, 25miles, mostly road.
out of 'bed' 5am, rolling 7am. Lots of neat
stuff...Lewistown around 4pm.
more exploration, camp along East Licking
8:45ish, 80 covered. up 5:15, fix another
thorn flat, rolling 7:45. Explore some woods
road, then fireroad/pavement, bit of trail, home
@5:30. 70+ covered, including lap across
town for beer. Glad I was in the Pub, and
not huddled next to some rock when those
evening storms blew thru last night.

For the gear dorks, bike weighed
33ish lbs w/o water bottles. Loaded
to the gills Ergon weighed 17ish lb.
(ish due to using the highly accurate,
stand on scale w/ bike, stand on scale
without bike measuring technique, repeat
for accuracy...)


Metro said...

I see Tomi's ride plan....and I jizz my pants. I looked at Tomi's ride pics....and I jizz my pants. I think that I need to step away from the computer and ride my bike...and I jizz my pants.

As always man great looking pics of what must have been a good time.
Are you using Google earth for those maps?


Tomi said...

mapmyride creates the kml file for import.

brett said...

very cool trip.