A fishin' buddy once told me
that he prefers the east over 
the west.  

"The mountains are more intimate."

I'd never been out west at the time.
We were talking in the context of 
mtn brookies or rocky mtn cutthroats, 
and I think it applies to any pursuit 
where you spend time out and about.  
Leads me to think about our trees.  

Riding bike thru Meeshow vs the open 
hi speed of...say, big mtn VA or those 
expansive Rocky Mtn meadow trail shots 
that everybody drools over.  IMBA trail is 
CCC broadway, 20+ rippin' vs headwall 
techy bob & weave barely ever spun out 32:19.  

The tight sketchness comes from the speed.  
Then watch the ski porn, western GS turns 
thru the trees vs branch bangin' billy goat 
mid-A glade skiin'.

Imagine if our local forest were actually 
'old growth', not the remnants of a managed 
recovery from 3rd or 4th, 5th? generation 
clear cuts.  imagine huge canopies of Ents 
with two feet of hillside fresh over loamy 
love with freeform bambi path to follow
and flow in the warmer months.

just imagine.

or maybe I just don't like to go fast.

reward vs risk amplified by
skill/technique vs hudge cajones'

or just gettin' old?

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