that was fun.

that's the spirit!

NWS three day record was accurate,
the post storm "freezing mist/fog"
resulted in a sturdy zipper crust. 

 Bro's dealt with it fine, as 
long I kept my end of the bargain.  
Search for that woodsy pitch 
where you can stay in the fall 
line, without hard edging speed 
checks.  Then hoot and holler.
Also skied off some waist to shoulder 
high rocks, once or twice.  Yet to stick 
a landing, gotta start somewhere.  Many, 
many pinheads out and about.  Glad they 
have concern for their gear, didn't have 
to hike much at all to get off the beaten 
path.  Lift serve singletrack stashes were 
best turns found.  Did take a core shot.....
all skis are rock skis.

Jedi mind tricks in the trees.

price of admission.

Impact from big hawk's would be dinner.


camps said...

Did you skin back up or take your waxless? Or, was skinning back up not necessary?

Tomi said...

rode lifts 100%, that 'skin track' is the flat slog back to the lift.

Anonymous said...

nice! trying to figure out where you been skiin' there... definitely not kuh-nane cuz i see snow the ground!