goals n chit

The itch is beginning, the need to

find a new rythmn, growing restless.

Looking back, I see two holes from last year.
First is the unfinished MeeshowHundo.  That's
going down next year, might take multiple 
attempts, but I really want to finish the loop.

The other hole, the aborted double overnighter.
Just wasn't in the cards that wknd, weather 
conspired with slipping motivation to throw
in the towel on that one.  This one isn't really 
unfinished, it is what it was, a long ride that 
didn't pan out as planned.  

Do have sights set on extending the route in 
that direction.  Would like to ride to Raystown
as a three-ish day tour.  And also gather more 
firsthand beta from up north.  

Haven't said much about racing....basically, if 
ya'll are so kind to cast a vote for my dumb ass, 
I'll be hitting up the Breck stage dilly.  But if it's
something I'm throwing down mucho cashola
for....well there're other options, like SSWC
in Durango, with a Colorado Trail distraction
for a few days prior.....

No NUE series for me, last year was fun for sure,
but only so many vacation days.  Definitely hit up
the W101 and Shenandoah though, can't miss those

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