crack a beer

sit back and think.
let the med rare strip
w/ baked potato, three
portors and chocolate
cheesecake settle in.

riding again. on the skinny
tires for two out of three.
lapping lifts in between.
centered again and confident.

today we earned it, rolling
sustainable softness. not
the experience of others,
but a quirky personality
trait revealed.

for Christmas, mom got
me the traditional weekly
calander. but changed it up
from the Far Side, to the 
Peanuts gang. Will be a nice
change for the journaling
of adventures.

I've always liked Snoopy.


huber said...

peanuts! i went to a peanuts christmas party this year. after some baked goods everybody talked like the elders on the show!

Skippy said...

Yo, I got your Peanuts right here: