Heard a Bush excerpt this morn on the radio,
he was in Carlisle, at the Army College.

Said that we have not suffered a domestic
terrorist attack since 9-11....praise for the
troops, freedom, blahblahblah.....

Why are the anthrax letters always forgotten?


Joey and Mandi said...

Hows about the continued economic terrorist attacks we are going through right now lead by Mr. Bernake and King Paulson.


Metro said...

Read my lips, I am not a crook.
It's too bad those cat like reflexes that can dodge shoes couldn't avoid dropping the country in the shitter for the past 8 years. Man I wish I have a job where I could screw up for 96 months straight and still be employed.

PS. Enjoy that snow man. For some reason god apparently hates Mississippi. I’m sitting around watching the rain out the window and reading about snow in Vegas, New Orleans and all the normal spots like UT, CO, VT, etc.

Happy Holidays dude.