tree thing.

expecting carvable hardpack/crud conditions.
step onto the Bro's, wanna really learn this ski.
legs still no snap, the wknd lingers. no snap
to the first turns, narrow defensive stance.
lack of power, not aggressive, these skis need
to be driven, not ridden. messed up let 'em run
then crash attempt off the RR headwall, try to
find a groove down low. round two, not following
thru, too much slippage for my taste, exit to Exhi
to find a two footed carve rhythm.

stick it tight to the snow gun crud,
snap from edge to edge,
do a little dance,
let these skis run tonight,
uh huh, run tonight.
open up into the falline a bit,
making a righthander and the
ski won't release, into the backseat,
don't fight it, don't wanna risk a knee
right now. ski loops out and I see my
trajectory into the slopeside trees.

fuck. me.

not going tooo fast, but ain't no
shutting it down. land sliding
headfirst, did spot a gap before impact,
definitely not hitting the blue barrel.
start trying to rotate my feet around,
feel some deceleration, wondering when
I'm gonna hit, and what and where,
sliding blind at bone breaking speed.

wham! shit, that fucking hurt. no sharp pain,
toes still work, arms still move, eyes still see.
shoulder is stiff, probably have some nice tint
to it in a day or two. confidence is rattled.

merry christmas everybody,
thanks for all the good times
shared, those to come.


camps said...

You sure those blue barrels wouldn't hurt less than the trees? They are empty & hollow I think.

So, what's the story on that ski? Super stiff racer-like? Or big, fat and hard to bend onto edge?

Tomi said...

it's a big floppy powder board that likes to ski 'in' the snow, not 'on' the snow. Takes more attention to make 'em work on the hardpack, didn't have my game Tuesday night.

Back on the Freeheels yesterday, 'twas money.