Added up the numbers
that I keep track of.
From some point in Feb
to last week, the 'season.'  
Peaks and valleys, along
with scribbled notes.

The spreadsheet goes back
a handful of years now, stack
of journals grown by one, my
'manifested artifactual evidence.'

Riding with purpose, 
'training' on instinct,
this year's total was 
457.5, last year was 455.  
interesting that it came 
out so close.

didn't count the commute
though, that's another 35ish,
it's just a short spin....


Fxdwhl said...

what was the racing tally?

Tomi said...

Best way I can quantify that is to say that I saw lots and lots of sweet new trail & country and rode with some peeps that I normally wouldn't get the chance to....