public relations.

almost became
a hood ornament
this morning.

bitch got an earful,
that's for sure.

then she actually
pulled over to apologize.

I hadn't calmed down yet,
she caught some more.



Fxdwhl said...

yeah it's tough to be a cycling ambassador after almost getting taken out.

how often you making the trek these days?

Tomi said...

pretty much whenever it's not raining, but have been lazy on the occasional barely able to get out of bed Monday. Also lazy transition to lighting up the now dark pre dawn spin saw me burn more petro over that week and a half than I'd wanted to....back in the groove again now though.

Andy said...

hey, look on the bright side. You didnt get maced. Did you hear about the freak that almost ran over thom p?
Funniest thing i've read in a while...


Anonymous said...

This morning so guy almost ran me over pulling out of McDonalds.

So i spit on his windshield.
He put it in reverse.
I waved him over.
He drove off.
Probably for the best.
For both of us.

Gt Tom.

Martin said...

Drivers are most dangerous this time of year. Every "incident" I've ever had has happened during October as the days just start getting darker and colder.

Be careful out there.

brett said...

Sux, tru. But, did you thank her for actually apologizing? That almost never happens.