date night.

any wonder that I'm single?

Friday night, coulda set up a first date type thang and been social.

Instead, I'll be rushing home from work, packaging a few cogs, hitting the post office, swing by the bank, grab a sixer to go from the sandwich shop, clean and tune the Salsa, gather up some breakfast/ride food, cook a frozen pizza, hippy pack the CR-V for camping, then head north......alone. West Rim will be tic'd off the list this wknd, the leaves should be bangin' so it's gotta happen now. Chick probably thinks I'm playing games, not being avail on the wknd, again, but that's the way it is. Who knows, maybe there'll be some digits for me to dial when I get home, actually have company for a dinner next week....not getting my hopes up though.

Oh, went to the Carlisle Council mtg last night to add a voice in support of the bike lanes if needed. Didn't sense much negativity towards the proposal, so I silently observed, then snuck out after the main body of the discussion. What had me laughing though on the way in....roll up to the meeting place at the Boro offices on the Jabber. Look for a spot to lock up the steed, no racks out front, none along the side, so spin around back to the main parking lot, still nothing. Finish the lap around the building and also nothing on the other side. Finally cable her up to a street sign and chuckle that I'm going to a meeting about making Carlisle more bike friendly, and there's no designated parking for bikes.

funny that.


Bender said...

Should have skateboarded over.

Anonymous said...

Always be closing with the ladies. If you get numbers have a date next to the "lion's den". That way you can close the deal.