winding down, up?

so it begins, here we go.
all the freaks are out in Napa,
probably sucking wind right now
before sucking down many many
many a cold cold beer.

tinkering with tapering for
this upcoming stretch. been
working that Thorpe theory.
unfortunately skipping the
Sunday grup thing for single
minded focus, trying to remain
tranquillo. quality of the efforts,
rebounding snap in the pedal
stroke, it' not about being able
go now, it's about going again,
finally the legs are coming around.

Salsa is set up in race trim and
running smoooooth. Qwik spit shine
and polish and we'll be hitting the
S&M100 ready to rock out with mah
cock out, booyahh!. Jabber's been shaken
down before heading to Cali on its
own. Refurbed Juicy 7 keeps the 32:20
coastiness under control. Running
blind rigid thru the rumored moondust
should be neat. Going for the scenery
as much as the racing action, psyyyyyched!
Couple days of vacation riding, before heading
home in time for the final Meeshow 50.

Then look ahead to the horizon.
Leaves will be changing soon enough,
I'm sensing mutliple trips, smaller
groups due to the nature of the
venues, with the old standbys as
backup. Time to use up my free
trails.com membership(s)......

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Fxdwhl said...

october tour of reading if ya interested...