I should....

be on my bike, not just thinking about it.

radar shows splotches of precip 
directly overhead, but nothing hits 
the ground.  heavier looking blobs
moving in from down valley, I surf instead.

motivation.....is meh-tivation.
the accounts are stuffed full.
handful of fatty rides and qwik
hits on the road to keep the engine 
tuned, the mind is fragile, tired.

this is what I don't like about
being a 'bike racer.'  the questions.


I know the work is done, I know 
that more harm than good can easily 
be done over the next two weeks.

will a short hammer sesh up Waggoner's
really make me any faster in two weeks?

or will a smidge more rest let me see 
the HR reach out of the 180's for the first 
time since early June?  maybe we'll find
out this wknd..... 

Thorpe recommends:
under train, under eat, over sleep.

looking at the scale, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
so now it's about trying to maintain, and
staying away from the cookie jar.

the 101 was an awesome ride,
couldn't ask for a better race.
got a result I'm happy with,
sure there's room for improvement,
always is, always is.

last wknd reminded me of the why.
can't just get off the couch and throw 
down an 11hr effort.  so even if not
racing, the work still needs to be done
if you're gonna enjoy the journey.  

so now we ride out the wave,
getting caught up on other things
to fill in the empty time slots, and 
lining up the ducks for the end of 
season splurge.

Tahoe 100
Teaberry 50.

bang bang bang, just like that.
(with connecting flights in Denver, 
Denver and Chicago in between)

then take inventory and maybe hit 
up the WVMBA ultra in Davis.

I have never ridden Plantation Trail,
I'd really like to, sometime.

gotta start looking at options for a 
Fall Classique, lots of hidden gems out there.....


1 comment:

camps said...

Plantation is fun,
Dolly Sods North is fun and drier, and will be lost to mountain bikers forever soon,
Spruce Knob

2 Oct. weekends are filled for me

I do plan to hop off the couch (and the surfboard) and do the SM. No real easy chance to ride big beforehand