6am departe'

5pm arrivvee'
57ish miles covered.
13 of that railtrail to/from camp.
4 looong technical hike a bikes, 
20-30min each, rewards were 
mindblowingly sweet insane 
big vistas & flowing mtn singletrack, 
primal flashbacks to the highlands 
of WV, just follow that loamy, rooty 
submerged knobby rock ribbon
of love thru the knee highhhhhh ferns.
cap it each time with a steep gnarl 
mostly ridable plunge into the holler...
rinse and repeat, all. day. long.

a tough, rewarding day, 
views and quietness not often 
experienced or expected in PeeYAY!

simply amazing, 
can't wait to go back.

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