for years, this climb has taunted me.

looking ahead, looking at the moment.
the 'competition' all seem to be throwing 
down a hundie somewhere or other this 
wknd, not ready to be a total slacker yet.  
today's the day.

grab an extra spare tube and extra co2's,
hit the road and hope I didn't screw
myself by not bringing a spare tire.
15ish mile stretch of pave' from the 
base until tarmac is reached again,
nice.  beeyoootiful day, mindset of 
May, not mid August, weather helped,
N-NW breezy hi-70's day, sweeeeet.

why we ride.
valley pave'
the base.
the top.

toughest climb around?
only 20 couple minutes long, surface
left a bit to be desired, sandyish dust
over hardpack w/not quite golfball
sized chunks lying about.  braking
bump washboard pushed a couple
pitches into the "just a bit too much"
realm.  dismounted the 40:15 twice
to take some steps, shucks.  Elk Hill
might be a bit tougher though, and
haven't rolled the fix up out of Roxbury
or taken 74 over the Tusc yet either.....
so, we'll leave that open to debate
and keep searching.

Visiting the Laurel Run drainage is
always notable, lots of adventures had
thru those woods, good times, good times.
return leg home was nice, also tic'd 
Doubling Gap for the first time on the fix,
wasn't too bad.  Hitting some foothill rollers
on the way back made the most of the day.

and now my beer is empty, time to go.

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