got a call

the other night about my 20th 

high school reunion.  don't plan 
on going, looked at the website 
anyway.  3 class members deceased.
One was accidental, heard he didn't
make it home one night, found him
where he stumbled or fell into a 
ditch or something, sounded fucked up.
I heard HIV got the second fella, totally
unconfirmed though.

Third one was more recent.  Left me
me more than the "oh, yeah...." reaction.

Guess I met Ralph in sixth grade,
I remember trading stories about riding
our bmx'ers back then.  And saying how we
should get together for a saturday ride, hit
all the neat shwwoops and step downs and
nooks and kranies of the hi/middle school.
Then we all 'grew up', he followed his music
and I'm doing whatever it is that I do.

We never did get together for that Saturday 
ride, which is a shame, 'cuz it woulda been 
a lot of fun.

fucking cancer.

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