how to?

so, really getting the itch to jump into the overnight scene. Have a chincy rear rack that I'd hoped I would be suitable to use for a trial run or two. But, after tinkering last night, it won't clear the 29er tire without some serious mods.....soooooo, back to square 1.25.

Since I have to invest some money into some gear, and I hate buying two of something, which way to go?

Rack w/ compression sack is tried and true and functional for more than bikepacking, can always use the rack for grocery getting on another bike when not out n about. And the El Mar has eyelets, so the setup/teardown should be pretty simple.

Or, there's the bag route. This guy looks to make a quality, functional product. But for the money invested, it's not a very versatile system beyond it's intended purpose....and the lead time is an issue with the seasonal change and short days fast approaching.

Looks like I need to decide, rack or bag system. Seatbag, a partial frame bag and strap some bits to the handlebar, Ergon on the back. Or rack & sack, handlebar strapage and the Ergon.....leaning towards the rack.

Really wanna get these ducks in a row, so once I'm thru the triple crown of two hundos and a fitty over the next three wknds, I'll be able to roll out the door and sleep under the stars.

Already have two tours in mind.......


buck said...

You shoud just borrow somebodys bob trailer.

It's freeeeeeee.

Tomi said...

it's also slooooooowwwwwwww.

Dave Harris said...

Racks work but they are slow. You'll also carry more if you have one.

Those really big seatpacks made by carousel look pretty sweet. Big volume. That + pack + decent bar bag and you're all set.

I know you wanna go fast, not just make it through...

Robert said...

carousel packs are the way to go. picture this...you're a day's peddle away from home, you wash out and snag that rack on something pointy. it rips off your bike, taking the dropout with it. not a great situation. go with the packs, there much lighter and force you to take less. plus jeff at CDW is a really nice guy.

best of luck!