Waggs & me.

a local climb, that I don't subject myself to too often.  

Only once last year on the BSRR.  2.5mile @ 8%
according to the truck on an incline sign.

Not pitchy, not ramped too much.  Just a solid
unrelenting constant pitch.  Tough to step out the 
door, and stick to the plan.  Are the Tour efforts 
far enough past? Really willing to step thru the 
door into that quiet place?  

Apparantly so, huffing and puffing the 40:15.
Staaaaaand for a long time to rev the motor.
Then steady tempo, 9.2mph sitting in at 180bpm.
Stand and wind her up to 10.3 until the body feels
empty, 184bpm.  Tick tock goes the clock, the pitch 
just is.  Stand and recover, stand and recover, 10.3,9.2,
10.5, 9.1, 184, 181,185,180,10.2,8.5, 8.7, 185, 8.9, 186, 186
9.0,9.22, 9.2...188.


Turn and spin it home, short n sweet 1:15 ride, step back into
it again, just test the water, begin to open it up for Sunday.  
Looks like I'm racing, so here's to hoping UPS does their job 
and I'm building a fresh bike at this time tomorrow, or
the Jabber will be set up to coast.....

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