Dear Salsa,

This a cracked frame.  Everybody that's seen it,
has said, "yep, that's a crack."

I read on MTBR about what awesome service ya'll have.  
All they need is word from the dealer, and some pics, 
and a new frame is on the way.  But in my case, again,
"They need to see the frame."

So three week turnaround, I need to drive extra trips
to get a bike box, to get it shipped.  Then wait two weeks,
then drive again to pick up the new frame.  

Which will not be a Dos, it will be a steel El Mariachi.  
See what the EBB thing is all about, but more importantly, steel!  
Not a soft tail made out of fucking aluminum.  Duh, it's 
gonna break, especially if your backyard is called Michaux.

But why the fucking runaround???  fucking bike 'industry' pisses
me off.  How hard is to weld 7 tubes together?  I mean really.....

got crack?


Bender said...

I don't understand what you mean by this "runaround". It's only been 5 and a half weeks since I dropped my Kona off. They've only sent the wrong frame once. Besides, I have better things to do this summer than ride my mountain bike. You need some more patience dude.

Brett said...

If you guys would grow a little, I have spare frames laying around to use...

want to borrow an On One?

Anonymous said...

It looks like residue from the Hello Kitty stickers you had on your frame. I doubt it’s a crack.

Fxdwhl said...

yeah pivotless squish doesn't sound like a good idea. wonder how much that crack opens up when the frame is loaded.

Jason said...


Sorry to hear you're having Salsa woes. I hope the take care of you. JM

camps said...

You probably know this already, that the Outlaw recently broke his second Vassago.

Tomi said...

larry, didn't hear that, Ti or Steel?

camps said...

both steel

Gregg "Stubbie" Stone said...


I clearly saw you jumping this bike while racing. Doesn't this void the warranty?