tuckered out.

I'm tired.  Was feeling it before le Tour, really feeling it now.  So taking the week off, totally off the bike, well, might do the commute later in the week and a post tune up neighborhood spin or two.  The fleet needs serviced, post shower march up Reddish has the roadie in grim condition, same with the Dos.  Mtn shoes barely survived, both toes blowing out, not even 6 months on 'em.  Swap the crank/bb back over to the Jabber and reunite with the fixed mtn flow.  Road bike needs the rear brake stripped, shorten up the chain a link or maybe half also.Still absorbing the Tour.  It was tough, hadn't made it a priority this year.  Just figured I'd go ride it, not really 'race' it or make any goal of it.  Instead, I procrastinated, somewhat on purpose, and left myself with the fix as the only option on the road.  Got into 'race' mode on a few occasions, bits of work here and there to keep honest, but making sure to always enjoy the ride.  Never forget to look around.  Took few pictures, system for easy camera access with the Ergon still needs worked on, and didn't wanna drag the camera thru some stormy weather.  Beautiful scenery and lots of smiles and bikes bikes bikes away from the real world where it's as much about the ride and the route and the group itself, then it is about the racing.  The racing adds spice and entertainment, but it's only a small fraction of the day's events.  So much else going on, the parades, the post stage collection, the dinners, house breakfast and recovery time.  Amazing how it all comes together and mucho appreciation for those fools that make it happen; Carpong & family, Jenkini and Mumbles.  An amazing crew and community, thanks so much guys.

Now, what's next?

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Anonymous said...

18 folks in a hazed out vehicle

bring on the GNARLY