race trim

coasting was a lot of fun at le Tour.

I need(ed) a break from the 9:00 battle.
Getting under my skin, head in a wierd place.

So, no new frame, delivery time was
optimistic anyway.  Into the workshop,
thought about rebuilding the Dos, roll
the dice for one last fling.  Swapped some 
parts around instead.  Had already
mounted up the lighter Ti railed saddle,
thought about the Reba, but didn't see many
inspiring opinions regarding the Jabber/100mm
Reba combo.  

Qwik bar & stem swap, now riding carbon on 
the Jabber, hope that bit of 'give' will bring some 
comfort on Sunday.  And went coasty, swapping 
rear wheels.  ENO eccentric on the Jabber, makes 
for easier flat changes, and with an EBB El Mar on 
the way, the wheel can stay, will just need to flip it.  
Centered ENO can go on the Salsa.

Now I just wonder about the motor, nice town spin
and LeTort soak last night, finish strategerizing details
for tomorrow, which means a qwik shakedown spin,
think I'll go hit Vista/Canyon, have some thoughts on 
how to tie it all together.  Also decide on a water
strategy, it's gonna be kinda gnarly out there,
should be fun.

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