101, uncorked

yeah, I needed that.  

put together a good ride.
laid some doubts to rest,
good for the head.
just under 8:20, which in
today's stacked field got me
a 23rd place, 6th singlesped.
Fun racing action w/ Topher,
Billy, Huber....damn you and your big ring!!!
seeing the ladies' race sort out, 
hanging out around camp. 
new El Mariachi is a sweeeet rig, 
coasting is fun!

good stuff.


bike bFAT said...

Ahh... the beauty of the camer a/blogger.
If you can't share the podium - you can still share the podium.


Jimmy K said...

good ride t. the image of you grinding up stillhouse hollow at about 50 RPM, yet slooowly fading out of my sight will haunt me for a while....

Tim said...

Yeah, sometimes everyone needs to coast. Next year gears?