circle of life.

today's race was, meh.
elected bottles over camelback,
relearned that lesson.  Climb up
out of the hole that Methodist Hill 
puts you into cracked me.  Dug Hill
was miserable w/ cramps tapping.  
Then the feet started cramping on the 
way down Gutter Trail.  Was holding good
position into cp2, but rationalized the
battle ahead and pulled the plug sooner
rather than later.  Enjoyed some beers 
hanging at the checkpoints, soaked in the
cold creek up along Birch Run, then ate,
drank and was merry until the heat 
started getting to me again.  Congrats to
everybody that got around that loop,
ya'll were tougher than me today.

Here are some pics from a much
more enjoyable ride, little Saturday
shakedown spin.

Snake w/ breakfast.
Glad he was occupied.
see ya'll at the 101.

1 comment:

camps said...

Awesome snake shots!
Nice of it to do that on the trail for you to witness.