i'm hungry.

working thru a slumpy funkish moodish thing lately.

some things good & busy, others slacking.
getting called out for the slacking, not directly,
but a wake up call nonetheless. changes happening,
lateral moves with pros & cons, will be finally
incorporating the brown bag plan to take
the two wheels to work much more regularly,
eliminate some laziness, a small rework the
morning/lunchtime schedule. develop new
efficiancies and appreciate the benefits of
more controlled diet and all associated.

got back onto skis Saturday, bluebird warm 30deg
day. quality imitation snow, two weeks of rust
shaken off quick. what a blast running laps with
the 'regulars.' got spanked here or there, once
over the handlebars and head first slide off
the top off Gunbarrel, did come back to nail the
'pillow line' along the chair though, fuckin' hilarious.
they're bound to yank my ticket one of these days.

afternoon in the workshop tinkering with a file,
then a half hour evening test ride round town
had me smiling goofy kiddy grin. Couple rock
'hucks' over on campus and some stairs have me
rethinking the skillz envelope, more to come.

Snuck in a shortish flat mid 30's grey spin before
the rain arrived today. Haven't been on the skinny
tires for a few weeks, rolling zen along the Yellow
Breeches, 10-15mph tailwind, silent chain ticking
rubber to asphalt hummin soundtack, just pedaling
along. Was good to visit with my quiet friend again.

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Fxdwhl said...

Watching the sunrise (not this time of year) from the saddle is the best way to start the day. And the ride home leaves everything work related scattered along the shoulder like debris. Oh and ditch the bag and use a rack, your spine will appreciate it.