idle thoughts

riding the Dos has felt like cheating.
it's now painfully obvious that the
old DBR needs to be put to pasture.
hung up on the wall.

the fit of my 6' 0" frame on that
16.5" frame no more worky.

so, I've been researching.
and I'm quite surprised at
what four hundred couple
dollars can get you.

thought about the Salsa El Mar,
still a contender, but not a fan
of the EBB and kinda pricey,
fork included though. also
saw a bunch of others here and
there, then took a second look
at the Vassago Jabberwocky.

I shot out some email,
to see what's about.
stay tuned.....

Oh yeah, entries paid
for Cohutta & Tahoe,
fear me, my bitches.


Pete said...

Glad to hear your headed west! woot!

I was thinking about Cohutta, but I think I am going to Save my miles for the Wilderness 101, Id rather see some peeps then explore new territory...now Fools Gold has me intrigued. I have a score to settle with the US Army Ranger Camp in Dalanogha, too bad Im getting married that day.

dicky said...

Signed up for Cohutta today.
Wanna talk fear? I was fearing that if I didn't sign up soon I'd be shut out.
See ya there.

Eric said...

I've been riding the Bandersnatch (geared version of the Jabber) for a few months now. Lovin it! I say do it!

IF Chicks said...

What tubeless 29er tires do you cupcakes like to ride around Michaux ?

Tomi said...

Kerry, when I get around to trying 29er tubeless, gonna start with Exiwolfs and Rampages. We like the big tires round here for day to day...lightweight racer girl tires? no clue, check with Elk.

Buck said...

Ooooo the samcktalkapalooza hits the comments section!!!

You gonna take that shit Elk?

camps said...

I saw a built-up, 29er, rigid, SS Raleigh (EBB) at Merv's yesterday.
$550, 18"

May not be the quality frame you're looking for, but a good deal for someone...

Anonymous said...

Racer girl, eh? Cohutta awaits, bitches.