back on it.

testing testing. spin the
commute home, contacts
in, gear shuffled, partial
kitting done, car loaded,
Furnace by 6:15.

Rolling quickly. Jabber
feels so. damn. comfortable.
Rip across CommServ to
warm up. Reach the end,
light indicator goes from
blue to red. shit. looks like
an O&B. Kill the light & relax,
then fire up and burn the
hi-beam back to the car.

At the car, indicator still blue?
Damn, musta been a glitch.
Really wanted more than an
hour's ride, coulda stayed out.
Shoulda stayed out.

Still a fun ride, bit of crunchy
snow, am liking the new light
more on the bars instead of
the helmet. Final piece of the
Jabber puzzle is wheels. Popped
a(nother) spoke in the rear wheel.
Converting an Eno eccentric to
a concentric bolt on, new hoops
are on order.

First need to tear down the old
ss wheels.....anybody need a
pair of 26" Mavic UST rims?

Not even ridden for a year.....

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