I had a good snow hound mentor in Dirtball.
Followed a hunch to Denton Hill State Park.
Good vibe all around, no fun police to limit
your line choice, which meshes nicely
with my prefered approach to skiing.

An afternoon of slackcountry explorin'
blew my mind, both in potential and the
unexpectedly spectacular, ski whereever
you want condish. Totally different than
the lift served off piste that was skied earlier.
Karhu Guides are incredible skis, they do
everything you ask of 'em.

While poking thru the trees, remember to
always look for the blue ribbons.
Pics can fill in the rest.

Interesting morning commute.Pennsyltucky stormin'.Early crowd.Report was right, thin cover for sure. Cranked
out a few more laps for good measure anyway.3 hours of charging the lift served portion of the
little hill had me itching for a change of scenery.
Tour time out thru yet another rabbit hole.Wonder what's off the 'groomed'?
Exactly what I had hoped to find.yep, found it.oh yeah.more.and more.my favorite color.and more.and up again.previous plunder.exit chute.


camps said...

OK then

Anonymous said...

Yo Tomi. This is Enduro Steve (part owner of the PLB). I was thinking of heading up to Michucks on Sunday for a little MTB action. Can you give me a heads up on the trail conditions? It is all snowy up there? Do you guys stil have your group going out on Sundays? Any chance me and my buddy BC (the other co-owner) can join up with you guys if you're heading out

Skippy said...

Surprised you haven't gotten to Denton sooner. Ask around for Lou Fowler next time you go. He can aim you at some more off-piste fun.

Tomi said...

Steve, shoot me an email. The woods should open back up with today's rain. But not yet sure about local ride plans....