Went to T-town.

calm before the storm.
what an incredible celebration of bike.
all the niches in the hizzouse.
Selling bits and knicks and not quite worn out out pieces to anyone and everyone. The cute little trendy fixie hipsters, buying the used carbon riser bar to cut down for his Oury gripped fixy even though his sweet hip chick says "ewww, that's ugly". That late day fella who happens to just need a brake cable and happily buys an old front v brake cable still in mud caked housing w/ that goofy loop as it was stripped off the DBR when replaced by discs, $1. Lots of one and two and five dollar dealin'. Enough to make the head spin and hard to shut it down after 6-8hours of being on, buzzzzzz. Parted ways with the LeMond roadie, and now this cat ain't presently got no bikes with gears on 'em. Dos can go shifty, and if the cranky tired knee has it's say, that'll happen soon enough. Picked up some nice kit at the swap, turning over some of the day's take. Full Mapei euro roady kit, Jersey & bibs, sweet, $20.

Suck it Carp.Fake wool (label = 100% acryllic) orange styley jersey to
ward off errant arrows over the next few weeks, $10.
Topped a good day with a good guy hook up of some uber-swank Sugoi footies & knicker bib. Thanks Swithers, bring on the cold, bitch. What a blast! Glad I went, forgot how much fun it is, and how surprisingly tiring a day it can be, especially on 4 hours sleep. wah, wah, wahwahwah, yeah, I know.

Working now on sorting Iron Cross pics, should be up on the Smug sometime soon.....teasers:

Which way Michelle?

A very fast Brit, he won.

A very fast lady (she won).

Details later w/ link to the Gallery at the Smug when loaded up.

peace out.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Nice pic of the Lesbo winning ladee. Her partner was was 11th. Last year they rode together and I thought they were gonna jump me when they saw me peeing. :) jw

Anonymous said...

Attention shoppers! Limited swap invintory still available!!

Everything must GOoooo!

Just look in the dollar box, bet you can't pass it up.

My old shit, you can't get it just anywhere, Don't missout.


Tomi said...

yeah, but that's not a picture of the women's leader, she was the first lady to pass thru, so figured she was leading....missed the actual leader, oh well.

Tomi said...

yo B, might need to rummage thru the box for those brake pads, found the Campy holders, but the blocks are a bit worn.....give ya fitty cent for 'em.