Final long term planned 'event' of the year,
WV Fall Classique Wknd.Lots of email exchanged, plans bounced and settled
on the fly. Zoned with Larry on the 81 commute
and missed the turn at Strasburg. Jumped cross country at NewMarket and discovered
Lost River State Park on the way to Moorefield, looks like
good stuff for the skinny tires.

Mtn rush hour.Rolled in 40 minutes off schedule and kitted up quick
for the shuttling of 17 odd characters to the top
of the Gnarly. 6.5ish hours to get across the 25miles of Gnarly North Fork
love, with a slummin' spin of 15 on the tarmac to sleep
with the legend of Princess Snowbird. The views were incredible and the riding off the charts. Doses of color and techy love added a special flavor. 'burgian MVP's Sue, Tim & Carp hooked up a fat stash
of burritos to heat by the fire. Full bellies, harvest
celebrations and flowing beer invented the game of
Fire Jenga(tm), until the man showed up with written warnings. Tag team of fresh Cupcakes did up an incredible breakfast
spread to fuel the assault of Spruce Knob on Sunday. 45mile parcours opened with a 3 hour rolling climb
of paved to dirt. Special treat was the hc climb
up Bennet Gap, stteeeep. Roller coaster flow of Lower Timber was next before
the final gravel push to the top of Spruce for the
entrance to 20miles of trail bliss. Huckleberry & High Meadows & Allegheny all delivered the goods.Beyond expectations. Camera hit max capacity in the High Meadows, so no
swimin' hole shots or permanent record of the
tighhhhhhht off camber of the Allegheny.

Merry Blissmas everybody!

Thanks to all involved for each pitching in
with their own unique talents/resources.
Takes more than just luck to pull it all off.
Full picture set is up on the Smug.



joey, mandi, jonesy, and karl lee said...

damn it. i want to ride bikes. your just making it worse. next year mandi and i will be on this ride. joey and mandi.

camps said...

Niiice pics,
looks like ya'll went thru Judy Springs meadow this time.

riderx said...

Looks freakin' awesome. That last photo with the red/yellow/green trees is a great score.

jeff said...

great pics man, what a ride...