Iron Cross V

Whooowheeee, that was a fun way to 'volunteer.' Got to spend the day in the lead vehicle w/ Kuhndawg and Hannah from England, I was tasked with snapping pictures. The race was good, glad I wasn't out there in the mix, my suffermask has been shelved for the season. Chris Beck did his best to represent on the 69er mtb, but the Brits were a pretty tough bunch. Six time 3-Peaks winner Rob Jebb threw down on the WigWam run up and left everyone in the dust. Gaps pretty much grew from that point on.

Some of my favorite pics:

Early break.

Ross Delaplane, haven't seen this guy in 15years, go Hokies!!!Andy Pearce from across the pond, bottom of Lippencote.
Harlan chasing.
Stu and Chris after WigWam
Rob on the Woodrow headwall.
Justin Lindine, off of Woodrow.
Splish splash, Fast Albert

Rest of the pics on the Smug.


Kramer said...


Good to see you at the 100 and funny to see Ross again.

Need to do a reunion ride at VT sometime


Tomi said...

yeah seeing Ross was a surpise, he spotted me on course, hollerin'
"I know you!!!" as I was leaning out the window taking pics. Funny small world of bikes....

jeff said...

that race looks sweet!

jsager said...

that looks bumpy.