just posted little troll over on MTBR, check back in the morn to see if we got any bites.

discussion is based around the recently released NUE Series schedule.

There's a little post about the probable champion coming from the east, possibly due to the venues being skewed east of the mighty Mississippi, travel an proximity and all.

my troll was polite......

but wah, wah, fuckin wah! Yeah, the series is scewed to the East, cuz this is where the action is at! We are the trend setters. Fucking inflated big mountain Rocky Mtn/Cali/Utah putz ego chodes with their fucking roundy round NORBA Pro bullshitsupersportageclass41-42.5dyslexicclassserieschampionbullllllllSHIT.

East Coast is the home of 24hr racing.

We are the home of 100 milers.

This year I was at two hundreds, a 100k, three fifties, and skipped another three fifties along with some off the radar roundy round 6/8/12/18/24's....all within three hours drive. Then there's the VT50, hearing good thngs about Allamuchy, NJ, and the events down thru NC (gotta get down to Si & Dicky's end of the ridge) which fill up a calendar and empty a piggybank quick.

Champions live here.

I've been able to do at least one Stage Race a year, for the last 5 or 6 after missing the first five or six. Long live the Grand Tours!!!!!

But, they do have the GDR out there, and the self supported scene is booming, props. The grand open spaces help a lot with that, if only the AT were legal!!!!! woh, that'd be a sick ride/hike.....awwww shit, here's a sick thought for Mr. MathewMathewson to think about when he's bored with the GDR. Parallel the AT on legal terrain....I mean shit, even I know enough to link up a shit load of ridglines that would follow the AT from southern Virginia to at least Jim Thorpe....think about it....from Mt Davis area to Blacksburg somehow, sleep, out Audy Murphy to Dragon's Back to New Castle to The Pines in Craig County, follow the Rt18/220 corridor thru the country to Clifton Forge to Douthat, sleep. Press on to Braley's Pond/Stokesville, sleep. Then either skip up to Davis, but that's kind of limited for northern travel, so instead roll up over Reddish, hit up the Schloss then across the Potomac Gap into Frederick or cross valley at the 'burg....Massanutten Ridge north to Port Royal, sneaking into the 'Shed somehow, probably a night's sleep involveed there...across the Mason-Dixson into Michaux to Tuscarrora, sleep, skip over to State College and then State Forest Corridor to Williamsport and call it a success??? But then you're into the PA Grand Canyon, just a hopskipjump over the NY border, where to from there? westish into the Allegheny, there's gotta be some type of nature corridor up along the Great Lakes to Tug Hill neighborhood and on into the Adirondaks, then linkin' shit up the whole way cross VT and NH to Maine. And fuck, from Southern Va, not too far to NC, then just following Appalacia down into GA.....yo Chris, you takin' notes? sheeit, you've already thought about it, beeyatch.

So yeah, anyway, second Storm King down the hatch,
maps all over the floor,and yeah, why shouldn't
the NUE be Eastern biased?

I just don't get it.


IF Chicks said...

I agree. So much to choose from on East coast and a lot of the core NUE races have been around for a while.

You can't please everybody who races, they either want the rules changed or a their own separate race catogory.

Maybe there should be east and west coast divisions of NUE..the top champs of those series do for some death match held in central USA somewhere ?

kopko said...

I couldn't agree more.

I lived in Utah for 2 years and lots of people ride/race bikes there but the racing scene is lame.
Moved back to PA where people have realized Norba blows long ago and racing here has been much better. Do many races out west have bbq's after races, cash prizes, cheaper entry fees and people who are fun to race against?

If someone is serious about winning a national title, why demand to race regionally?
When the west gets quality races, maybe add them or let the whiners start there own gig.

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