bonus Saturday

Snuck out the door with the fixy,
heading for unexplored territory.
An ohhhh so rare drive to ride day on the skinny tires for me,
55 sounds better than 130+ to see new sights. Park at the 225/325 intersection,
backtrack south then out along Stoney Creek. Pavement ends, follow the 19miles of dirt
then cinder rail trail up thru Stoney Valley. 2% love up the valley for 15ish to Rausch Gap. Snack on a Mad Elf and roll out the northern gamelands access like Alice from a tunnel. Onto the tarmac for the left hand to the kick in the teeth
climb up over and down the north side pitchiness
with sketchy lack of quality brake to 325. Turn a left for 25 miles of rolling paved fall beauty past
the resevoir, slummin' big time over the final hour. Calamari, a crab cake sandwich and beer from the
Stoney Creek Inn helped soothe the mental wounds.
Lovin' the close to home adventure.

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