Woohooooooooo! Congrats to Holly & Buck.
They brought little Hayden into the world yesterday.

Apparently another enduro nut job
freak is in the making, 36hours
for Holly to get the job done.
Makes these silly bike races look like,
well, silly little bike races.

In good spirits after talking to the proud papa,
took a quick lap around this year's favorite
shakedown loop, Comm Serv to Jake's to
R'Snake and back. Lucky to have such
quality only a hop, skip & a jump from
the backdoor. Good mood translated well
into the legs, twas a quality fun ride.

32:19 is working sweetly on the Dos,
love that half-link magic, no loud distracting
clackity-clik thru the rough stuff. It's like, all
shmooove and shit. fun fun fun.

Dicky put up some thoughts on the whole
spancership game and being a 'washed up old man.'
Timely subject as I wonder if that's a
fork in the trail that I should maybe explore......

hmmmm, do the NUE series fixed?
Just looking for a 29 or 69 that's fixable with
a bottom bracket that's a smidge higher than
the Dos and some $$$$ to help with four entries.

My resume':
I've done a handful of idiotic things on fixed gear
bikes that some thought not possible, and that
most just don't understand. And when I'm not fighting
this self-imposed handicap, occasionally I'll be first
across the line....

Who wants to hook a brother up?

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