The Ultra @ Big Bear

Decided early in the week to head to WV for one more fling. Running around Friday doing the turbo gear shuffle & load, on the road shortly past five. Chased the sunset, hoping for a decent viewpoint out along rolling Rt 68. The best I could do at 70mph: The race: Wicked fun first two hours chasing Gunner & Benji, then the rear shock on the Dos shit the bed. Happened about when the route was leaving the camp property to head out for the hills and back. Weighed the options of trashing the frame vs not, took inventory of the legs, then bailed out and spun her back to camp. Had the tools I needed at camp, jacked up the rear shock pressure in an attempt to lock it out, loaded up the big Camelbak and set back out to get in some more fun miles at the very least. Jumped back on course straight out of camp, so basically right back at the beginning again. Rerode all of the race course, stopping for a beer break and scenery along the way.Odd thoughts of trying to finish the thang kept crossing my mind, still riding with a purpose of sorts. Got back to where I bailed and the watch reads 4:20 elapsed, the Dos begins to sound & act normal again....interesting. Keep rolling along, following arrows and get to where the course splits. Decision time, spin back to camp for good this time or drop wayyyyy down off the mtn to the next aide spot and get some solid beta on finishing the loop. I'm about 2.5 hours off the back at this point. Is a Super DFL effort worth it? Do I really need to suffer for 8+ hours, and why? Decide to at least get the solid beta and drop down the screaming descent. Hang out at the water stop, watch some folks pass thru & try to get opinions on the outer loop. Betsy tells me it's not really worth it and I value her opinion. Linger a bit more and then officially throw in the towel for the second time. Turn to climb the four miles back up to the campground, and punch out for my DNF of the year. Still got in a solid 6+ hours elapsed w/ a 9.5 avg while riding, gizmo read 49.5 miles for the day. Not the full race loop, but I'll take it.

Apres' race was sweet, grilled chicken and taters and beer, and beer and more beer and the Silver Dollar band playing for the campground's residents. I passed out in the EZ chair under the stars. Tore down camp in conjunction w/ BoYes and Andy, then jumped back onto the bike for a Sunday spin. Took a bit to get rollin', but the groove came back and had another sweet session of the BigBear flow, snapping a picture or two and saying goodbye to the 'race season' with a fun 2+ hour loop. Not exactly the 'result' I was looking for, but it was the wknd I'd hoped it would be.

let the Classiques begin!

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