going pro

things that make you go, hmmmmm.
Saw this post the other day, and it piqued my interest.

Been slowly thinking about 'what to do' next year.
What to do? The list of possibilities is long, but whatever it is,
sure would be nice to have some help along the way.

So, after reading that blurb, I looked at the Beyond Clothing
site, and found a pretty interesting company with a decent
looking product that I could definitely get some use out of.
And my ski/harsh weather wardrobe could use a bit of an update.

Another blurb went up today, outlining the process and specifics.
I think it looks like a possible "good fit" so who knows? Guess
I'll put together some sort of 'media pack' and send it their way.
Don't know unless you try.....

In other news, Merv's Bike Shop rocks! If you need SS stuff,
go to Merv's! Ran down there tonight to take back the uneeded
20t cog and 34 ring, figure to exchange for another new chain
and maybe some tires or something else. On a whim I ask if he
has a 4-bolt 32t ring, the shifty one I'm using now isn't the best
tool for the job. He sorts thru the drawer of the filing cabinet
and the first one he pulls out is a shiney Surly stainless, $30.
I love not dealing with the 'Well, we can order it for ya' bullshit,
freakin' awesome! He tap tap taps on the calculator and I grab
a new bell off the wall to make it even steven.

The bell has an integrated compass.
I'll never get lost again!

ding. ding.


Anonymous said...

You can easily get support. In your media package; make sure to quantify your reach/appeal; number of hits to your website, geographic area, frequency of posts and other stats. You have done a good job in creating a tom miller brand. Outdoorsy lifestyle and that has to be worth somekind of sponsorship.

IF Chicks said...

tom miller brand ??
this all sounds too serious.

what's next Tomi cologne ??

Tomi said...

Tomi cologne: A sweet combination of stale beer, chain lube and hot ski wax.....

Anonymous said...

dont you have to be fast to go pro?

Anonymous said...

In a way; I am sponsored by Tom. He always gives me good beer, helps me with my glaucoma, and is always good for a 29er tube. So, if he goes pro, then I'm bound to get the upgrades as well.