cool million

playing with numbers.

on the mtn fixy, 100 miles = 39,062 revs

subtract 5 minutes for each off bike stop,
actual ride time at the hundo = 9hrs = 540minutes
which works out to an avg cadence of 72rpm.

On a long tempo rd ride with a bit of climbing,
I usually avg about 15-16, which is in the
mid 70's cadence range.


In cruise control on the road bike,
it rolls along sweetly at 18 mph = 86rpm
which translates to 13mph on the mtn bike.

Top end comfortable spin on the rd bike is
24-25mph, or 120rpm, which is 18ish on
the mtn bike. Spend a lot of slum time here
spinning down the flase flat pave' and is pretty
much max speed in the woods. Don't wind her
out much past this unless I know it's clear sailing....

So, those are the numbers behind the sensations.
Don't run a gizmo on the mtn bike other than the hr/watch,
so on 'race day' it's all about feel and just ticking 'em over,
knowing what you need to avg to beat the clock but never
actually knowing your speed on the ground.

Just keep pedaling.

Oh, and the other interesting thing I figured out, to me at least,
is that between the 2500 miles on the road and an estimated
700 on the mtn (93hrs), but not counting Dos Niner miles,
I've ticked over those pedals more than one million times this year.

And my knees still work!
Woo hoo!
yay ME!
I'm the greatest cyclist in da WORLD!!!!!


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