over the top

Last time I raced a coasty bike was back at il Giro in May. I'm pretty certain that my 'peak fitness' for the year has been realized, probably sometime between the 101 and the Hundo. Peaks don't last for 6 weeks. So either the brilliant sensations of the 101 were it, and I've just been riding it out since then, or it was closer to the Hundo w/ kinda short coattails.

Either way, those magical light summer days of dancing on the pedals are probably gone for the year, damn. Fun while it lasted, that's for sure, and now we're down to checking the cupboards for those few lingering crumbs to munch on. I figure that everybody else is in the same boat for the most part, so Sunday should be an interesting day when Jes says GO! It'll be neat to race with a coasty bike, wonder if I'll be faster than on the fixed?


gwadzilla said...

I need to follow your lead and use my legs before they are gone

enjoy my speed
enjoy my handling
enjoy the warmth
enjoy the day light

appreciate it before it is gone

although cyclocross flatters me even less than mountain biking
I must admit
it is a fun way to pass the time

just dropped off my cross bike tonight at a friend's house
have not registered for charm city

will have to test my handling and comfort a few times before hanging in the back fighting getting lapped at the cross races

Buddy said...

See ya' Sunday