it's a celebration.

Fast Girls Fast Guys.
fast guy & girl.
rock star staging.
Timmy D in da house!
late finishers.
Topher, so hot right now.
Keith & Buddy.
Old Skool legends, Swampie & Ramponi.
Dharma & Gwadz.
WV drops the hammer, I cracked.

made a run for the rockstar, but cracked a bit early. Good day on the bike deserves a celebration. good times, good times. awesome to put faces to names and meet a bunch more freaks like us. thanks to Ramponi & the other SSer's for letting me pop the cork on the spare bottle after the call up, that was sweet. Anybody got pics? hell of a good time, on to Teaberry.


IF Chicks said...

excellent pix..
congrats on your swell ride this year at SM100. Your becoming a legend in your own time Mr McM.

Sorry I missed the race this year but I had a wedding to attend. It seemed like perfect weather to enjoy your day of fixed riding and drinking.

Ramponi is a great guy..a blast to have in van when we came down in van for W101.

good luck at Teaberry !!!!!!!

gwadzilla said...

buddy just posted some shots off his camera phone

you guys make me regret not at least having my beater point and shoot on hand