wow, little bit of down time makes the mind wander, or focus on other things I guess. been missing Hux noticeably the last couple days, she visited briefly in a dream the other night, looked good. realized that I haven't seen her for awhile, revisiting some things, couple of tough moments.

also noticed that I'm at the point where le Tour is a done deal....in that I'm actually beginning to look past the event. only two weeks out, almost exactly as I type this, but I'm starting to think about the 101 and then semi finalizing what else to do in August before the hundo. I'm about as ready as I can get, and boy, I remember back around early december. when I hatched the possibility of fixin' the Tour in my head and thought, that's way way way out there, so far away.

so, here we are today, and now that seems like a long long long time ago, I guess we're about as far from Thanksgiving/december as we can get. I'm preping for tomorrow's final exam, will probably be figuring out how comfortable my road shoes are for hiking up fireroads and learning other new and interesting things. the Big Stupid Road Ride '07 solo edition, is heading into uncharted but familiar territory. i've always wanted to ride the Laurel Creek fireroad, will get my chance tomorrow....

gotta go spin, peace.


Anonymous said...

i think you should put mtb pedals on your road bike to make walking faster and safer

Anonymous said...

Weird how we dream of our lost pets. I had to put my sweet girl down on 5/9/07 after 14 great years - 13 with us. She had sick a few times this year and she just was not going to recover anymore - not that we did not try. We spent a small fortune on vet bills, but that was just not going to help her anymore. I still look for her when I come into the house sometimes and my eyes are getting moist as I write this. Folks say I should get another dog, but I do not think I could be fair to another at the moment. I would always compare him/her to my baby. I think it will be a very long time before I could be fair to another.

She has visited me a few times during the night. I actually remember telling her to visit my wife, but she has not yet. I wish she would because it would make my wife feel better about the whole thing.

I just try and remember all of the good times and realize that our baby lived for a really long time for a dog. I have tons of stories about her and we try and re-tell them to each other. It does not help the hurt go away, but it does make me smile to remember.

Hope you are feeling better soon.