Peak a Boooo

The mental game, games of your mind. How do you quiet the voices? These are the days where rest does more good than work & training. Or so I've read. I want to be strong, need to be strong in order to survive. Will I really get stronger with my feet up, slurping on a brewski watching mindless TV drivel? Is this really how it works?

Have I already hit a peak, or only tasted it briefly? Does the form all go downhill from here, or am I getting ready to bounce? Does it matter? Will the view of the big picture change? Played with my form and got it right for the Stoopid. Had an awesome day out there, worked it hard, but didn't feel like it. That's how good days go, just pedalpedalpedal like you're floating on a tailwind all day long. Stormy weather kept me off the bike during the week, emphasizing the importance of active recovery. Friday's tune up spin before the BSRR revealed lots of tender tightness that should've alredy been dealt with.

Still, not wanting to miss the opportunity, I pile on more miles via the BSRR over the wknd. Not because I needed to, but because I could. I'm on somewhat good form, I like to take advantage of these moments. If not now, then when? Set aside the day to roll two wheels under the sun, where the goal is to just 'get out there.' See new sights from the saddle of a bike, look inward as well as out, take a loooong lunch break. Sunday group mtn thang saw me bail early, opting for 3hrs instead of 6. The motor wasn't revving, the legs were flat and empty, sensations were dull and uninspiring. Concerns are raised, only did 85 the day before, only 6200 feet of climbing......is this how I'll feel at le Tour? fuck.

Monday morn, awaken feeling.....recovered? Legs are loose and feeling......fresh? Interesting, this sensation of being rested and somewhat recovered. Almost out for a spin, but mentally still want/need a break. No mood to ride because I have to, forcing the issue does no good, junk miles add no benefit. I want to want to ride. Tuesday, yesterday, getting anxious to spin pedals, the appetite is coming back. Qwik trip for groceries after work, hope for a light spin once the shopping is done, radar shows mean red splotches moving our way. Out the door of the store and big rumble rumbles are coming, rain begins as I unload the car at home. Skunked again, but at least a beautiful gnarly lightning show over town, I love spectating thunderstorms.

But not from the bike, hopefully tonight I'll finally get my spin on again. Then we'll tease the monster thru the wknd and ramp this shit back up. The fixed gear fury is coming, crunch time approaches. Only another week and a half of this rest vs work tightrope dance.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a stoopid showing, flying. Better take some caution keeping your ass clean at the tour though because there's nothing like a saddle sore fixing the day away.

Tomi said...

ha! yeah, just been thru that experience recently.....no chammy time award for me this year, that's for sure.