man with a plan

Those of you with extensive literary knowledge will easily figure out what this means/implies.

Rode a quick 'hot lap' around the Curse beginner loop tonight, plus an o&b on the Beav. Worked 'race pace' across Abby, trying to awaken the ninja. Still a bit groggy yet, but once he finds his coffee, look out! We'll poke him with a stick or two again on Thursday to make sure all is ready for the wknd. Delusional goal is still intact, despite the stacked field. Ideally, top 5 in the single dingles, top 10 attainable, less than mid pack......well, let's hope something went wrong if that's the case.

Looks like a Mid-A mtn bike blogger confluence is in the works. How can I not camp out Saturday and miss the social fun? Comfortable bed be damned.

peace out.

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